A sensitive resistance thermometer bulb in the measuring element senses vapor temperature and that reading is combined with that of a second matched bulb giving the temperature of water flashing to equilibrium at the same pressure. The two resistance values are resolved by the 970-M circuitry to produce the direct oversaturation indication and transmitted signal.

The 970-M utilizes the time-tested method of measuring temperature of vapor leaving the pan as the best indication of massecuite concentration at the upper surface. Since it is at the lowest temperature within the pan, it is at the point of highest oversaturation. This is proven as the one method capable of indicating unsafe oversaturation levels throughout the entire course of the boiling cycle.

The reliable indication of oversaturation provided by the 970-M replaces the far less reliable "feel" of even the most experienced sugar boilers. By following a few good practice rules of sugar boiling, vastly improved grain can be produced strike after strike for easy purging. This means less wash syrups and remelt sugars to be reboiled. It also means more time and pan capacity available for low grade syrup boiling to improve molasses exhaustion. See our sugar boiling articles for more info.


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Installation & Instruction Manual

The 970-M Sugar Oversaturation Monitor gives a simple, inexpensive, reliable and direct measure of the most important variable in pan operation: syrup oversaturation. The 970-M eliminates the need for precise vacuum control or complex calculations, enabling operators with minimal experience to produce consistent, high-yield strikes of clean, more uniform sugar. The 970-M improves centrifugal operation on all grades, giving better grain characteristics which upgrade color and drying quality of finished sugars.

Type Insertion Probe
Wetted Parts 316 Stainless Steel, Rubber
Process Temperature 0-150C (32-300F)
Pressure 0-25 psia
Water Supply 0.25 inch NPT female
Mounting 1.25 inch NPT male
Diameter 1.75 inches
Length 21 inches
Junction Box 3 inches x 2 inches x 4 inches




Display 3.5 digit LCD
Range 0-100% Oversaturation (1.0-2.0 Supersaturation)
Input Model 970-M Sensor
Output 4-20mA into 600 ohms max. isolated; other outputs available
Resolution 0.5% of Full Scale
Repeatability 1.0% of Full Scale
Accuracy 2% of Full Scale
Ambient Temperature 0-50C (32-120F)
Pressure Range 10-25 cm Hg. (4 inches to 10 inches Hg. Abs.)
Syrup Purity 70-100 purity (beet); 50-100 purity (cane)
Enclosure NEMA 1 (standard) or NEMA 4X (optional)
Dimensions NEMA1: 11 inches wide x 6 inches high x 4 inches deep NEMA4X: 11.875 inches wide x 7.25 inches high x 6.75 inches deep
Mounting Panel or wall mount (NEMA 1) Wall or pipe mount (NEMA 4X)
Power 115 or 230 VAC @ 50/60 Hz, 5 Watts. Optional 12/24VDC
Shipping Weight (complete unit) 10-14 pounds, depending on options
  • Direct reading scale
  • Simple installation
  • Linear-isolated output
  • Easily readable scale
  • Stainless steel sensor
  • Designed for durability
  • Vacuum compensation
  • Low maintenance
  • Field-serviceable
  • One-year limited warranty



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Typical Sensor Mounting

The 970-M sensor may be horizontal or slope upward for installation convenience, but a downward slope should be avoided because it would be possible for flashing water droplets to run down to the last 2" sensitive portion of the vapor bulb and cool it.

Sufficient internal clearance should be allowed to be sure that the vapor bulb will not strike any obstruction. The sensor should be positioned so that the 1" square window is on the downstream side relative to vapor flow; flashing water will then be swept away from the vapor bulb.